Our Services

Occasio Enterprises is all about increasing your online presence through collaborative projects with social media influencers such as bloggers, instagrammers, podcasters and those popular on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Occasio Enterprises assists businesses with increasing their online presence through five main methods:

1.) Collaborative projects – with our extensive database of enthusiastic social media influencers we bring group of them together who have similar audiences that are your target market. They focus on a topic for the month then all write about it, post on social media and share each others content with your business linked and tagged in the process. Packages start range from $1,000 to $30,000 for this service depending on if you would like a few blog articles or to be the major sponsor for a month. Packages can be tailored to suit your needs with blog posts, social media mentions, video, infographics, soundbites and more.

2.) Giveaways – Occasio Enterprises manages giveaways for businesses. 5 social media influencers who reach your target audience are selected (we recommend and you have the final say as to who is involved). These bloggers promote the giveaway across their social media platforms daily for a week. Giveaways are great for awareness and increasing email lists or social media followings. Prices start at $200 plus a $100 prize.

3.) Social media advertising – if you would prefer to place a sponsored post or two rather than a full collaborative project we have an array of social media influencers and bloggers who accept one off sponsored posts, social media shout outs, ambassadorships, event invites and other options. Prices start at $100.

4.) Social media training, events or coaching – our consultants are in the top 5% of social media influencers in the world for their niches. They are available for speaking or one on one coaching. Speaking at events start at $500 and one on one coaching starts at $350 for a review and 1 hour Skype session.

5.) Affiliate promotion – if you have an affiliate program you would like to pitch to our bloggers we can arrange this for you based on your target market. Price starts at $250.

Direct all enquiries to admin@occasioenterprises.com.au and we will respond within 48 hours.

Why Occasio?

Occasio is Latin for opportunity. Our aim is to give brands and bloggers the opportunity to work together for mutual benefit.

Founded by Kylie Travers, award winning blogger, author, writer and international speaker, she brings her experience in social media and connections with brands she has made over the last 5 years to assist businesses in increasing their online presence through social media strategies as well as connecting businesses with relevant bloggers.


“Dear Kylie,
I want to thank you for such a fabulous seminar – Social Media for Money. What I liked best about it was the 5 different speakers that united on the fundamentals that all businesses need. It reminded me of the strength of five fingers – a helping hand, and how they all support a solid platform.
Loved it, would definitely go again. Julie”
~ Julie Okely of Dilkara

Here is what others said about their last event and working with Occasio Enterprises:
“So much awesome content today. I don’t even know where to start!”
— Troy Mason
“Very inspiring!!! Your background and your knowledge is amazing #socialmediaformoney seminar is a success! I can’t say enough good things about today’s seminar. Need more than 140 characters!!!!Best seminar I’ve gone to #socialmediaformoneyseminar by @KylieTravers_au and @Travis_Longmore. Not only inspiring but useful!”
— Ina J
“Too busy listening and taking notes to tweet @KylieTravers_au. Another fantastic and useful presentation. Thank U so much for this afternoon!”
— Rebecca Tregurtha
“What a jam-packed presentation about monetising social media. Almost forgot to Tweet!”
— Mel Bezear

“So many pages of notes, so much to digest! Great seminar thanks to @KylieTravers_au @TheFirmTweet @Ben_Hanson78 @Travis_Longmore @IP4ACT
— Kirsty Young

Some of the best people I know @Travis_Longmore & @KylieTravers_au #nailedit tonight. Get the virtual pass! #CBR https://t.co/cehypYrO9z — James Tew